Saturday, January 26, 2013

Who Sold You on That

I put together a series called "60 Seconds of Motivation with Jenks".  This series is designed to give listeners a quick motivational moment when they need it. Check out my first entry called "Who Sold You on That."  Leave comments and let me know what you think. 


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Keep Throwing Out Seeds

One thing that I have learned in life is to keep throwing out seeds!! When a farmer goes in the field, he throws out bags and bags of seeds.  Some seeds will produce and some will not. That’s why the farmer throws out more than one single seed. He increases his chances of producing a great harvest. Once harvest season comes, the farmer picks up the product that the seeds produced. Then he prepares to throw out more seeds for the next season. The unfortunate thing is that we want to throw out one seed and produce a harvest that will last a lifetime. But that’s not how it works!! We have to keep throwing out seeds (keep trying new ideas).

If you have an idea for a business/ministry and it doesn’t go as planned, keep throwing out seeds!! If you have an idea for a business/ministry and it goes better than planned, keep throwing out seeds!! The harvest that you have now may not cover multiple seasons. The best thing to do is to keep throwing out seeds for the next season of your life. When I say keep throwing out seeds, I am not saying to keep trying to get rich. Most get-rich-quick schemes will get-you-broke. But keep trying different ideas that are from your heart. God blessed you with visions and many of ideas, so use them. You were given this large brain to use, not to let someone think for you and tell you the one thing you should be doing the rest of your life. Live your life to the fullest, full of birthed ideas from your heart. Also, don’t compare your harvest to others. If you are planting collard greens, don’t compare your harvest to someone who planted corn. Corn is corn and collards greens are collard greens!! (Yes, I am getting hungry) Throw out seeds that are to your liking and design. So get out in the field and start throwing out seeds no matter how big or small your last harvest was. God bless.