Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Self Fish

When I ask people why they enjoy fishing, they tell me about how they enjoy being out there on the water and just getting away.  But the thing they enjoy most is catching the game!!  The challenge of getting a bite on their line and the battle of bringing the fish in.  The fisherman walks away with a Victory and Dinner.  With that being said, why don’t we “Self Fish”?  Why not throw out a line and see what’s in us.  See what we like and don’t like about ourselves.  We may find a new hobby or create new goals.  Self Fishing will allow you to walk away with Victory and a meal (wisdom).  Self Fishing will break down the boundaries of why you make certain decisions.  In my last book Single Again, I made a comment about single people not wanting to be alone.  And I will restate it here, why would anyone else want to spend time with you if you don’t want to spend time with YOU? 

I know you are saying this Self Fishing thing sounds good, but how do you start?  I am glad you asked!!  First, get a sheet of paper and fold it in half the long way. Open the paper and on the top left-hand side, write the word “Enjoy”.  On the top right-hand side, write the word “Goals”.  Under the Enjoy side, write down the things you enjoy.  For me it would be writing, vacations, good food….and so on.  Write at least 10 things.  Then on the Goals side, write down goals you have.  It could be paying off credit cards, getting a college degree, paying off a car, buying a house, publishing a book or whatever your goals may be.  CONGRATULATIONS, you are Self Fishing!!  To go ever further, what you enjoy and your goals should relate.  Think about it!!  If you enjoy writing, then publishing a book could be a goal.  If you enjoy having no bills, paying off your car or credit card should be a goal.  They relate!!  You have just started the process of setting goals.  I am not trying to teach a class but you are learning more than just about you.  You are learning the process of getting where you want to go.  You don’t have to stop there!!  You can choose subjects such as Jobs, Businesses or Books and have an Enjoy and Goals column.  If you do some Self Fishing every few weeks, you will learn about you and what you can accomplish.  It’s OK to Self Fish!! 

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