Wednesday, February 13, 2013

3 CHEAPS Valentine Dinner Tips

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I know funds may be tight.  Well, here are 3 ways you can enjoy your Valentine’s Day dinner and still keep your pockets intact. First option is to eat at a restaurant that serves breakfast.  Breakfast is significantly cheaper than dinner.  This way you can get full and still leave with a half-full wallet.  Pancake yourself silly!! The second option is to order from your favorite restaurant and eat at home.  This way you don’t have to pay for drinks ($5 saved) and you don’t have to leave a tip ($5 saved).  This leaves you with $10 left in your pocket.  That’s enough for a little gift or a savings deposit.  Also, you don’t have to worry about the 2 hour wait of the crowded restaurant scene.  The third option is to eat at home and partially cook.  You can buy your meat from the grocery story already cooked (fish, chicken, shrimp...).  Then you can cook your sides at home (can or fresh).  Some grocery stores sale sides that are already cooked as well.  This way you can buy your meat and sides from the grocery store and not have to cook anything!! These are just a few ways to enjoy your Valentine’s Day and your dinner bill at the same time. 

God bless.

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