Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Changing Courses and Changing Books

I have had people in and out of my life through this journey. But one thing I have learned is your friends will change as the stages of your life change. I see people as books!! When you were in school, your books changed as your courses changed. You needed a math book for your math course and a literature book for your literature course. The same is with the courses of your life. The people in your life change depending on the course of your life you are in. You will have your college friends from the college course of your life and you will have friends for your adult (out your mother's house with a job) course of your life. You may have partied until the break of dawn with your friends when you were in college. But when you have to go to a full-time job in the morning, partying to the break of dawn may not be an option if you want to do well in your job/business and advance in it.

The people from the college course in life may feel like you have changed and you can't party like you use to. And you have changed!! You grew up and got started in your career or started taking your business seriously. A lesson I learned is to always look at the "source" of the criticism being made to you. It may be from someone who has not changed since college and has no dreams or goals. Don't look now, your course has changed and you need new books!! You have to acquire new friends (books) who have careers and businesses. These are the people you will learn from. These are the people that will challenge you and encourage you to go further. In order to grow and advance in life, you must be teachable. Be able to admit you don't know everything and are willing to learn. So take a second to tell yourself "You don't know everything!!" I know it was hard but you have opened yourself to being able to learn something new. As you grow and go through the courses of your life, more changes will occur and new books (people) will be required.

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