Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I’m Not the Best But I’m Good Enough

I have learned that just because you aren’t the best at something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it.  There are plenty of singers out there that aren’t the best singers but they have the courage to try.  If being the most qualified was most important, I should not be where I am in life.  When I graduated from college, I had far from the highest grade point average in my class (probably one of the lowest).  And by no means was I the smartest in my field.  With that being said, I should not have the job I have, be an author or have the experiences I have had.  I am not saying you shouldn’t try your best in school, but I am saying just because you didn’t do well in school doesn’t mean you will be a failure in life.  There is a verse in the bible I live by. “The fastest runner doesn’t always win the race, the stronger warrior doesn’t always win the battle… the most skillful don’t always make the most money and the most educated aren’t always the most successful.” (Ecclesiastes 9:1)   This inspires me every time I recite it!! (I’m getting inspired now!!)  It gives me the strength to try even if I am not the best at something.  I have seen God send oceans of mercy and grace my way through this journey.

 I once heard Dr. Kim W. Brown say he may not have made the best grades in college but he did graduate.  (Did you notice the “Dr.” at the beginning of his name?)  Think about how many people went to college with you, but didn’t finish.  It is a blessing to finish even if you didn’t make the best grades.  You finished!! Finishing opens doors that most likely wouldn’t be opened if you didn’t try and endure the course ahead.  I am a stronger believer in trying.  You never know what awaits you at the end of the yellow brick road.  Don’t worry about not being the most qualified.  Just because you aren’t the most qualified, your courage may get that great paying job you’re scared to apply for.  Think of how many other people feel that they aren’t qualified, but you can be the one bold enough to take the leap of faith and put in your application.  If you are starting a new business, a new ministry or planning that trip you have always wanted to go on, go for it!!  You may not be the best but you are good enough.  Why not take a deep breath and TRY!!

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