Friday, March 9, 2012

Cracks and Foot Holes

When you look up the definition of “climb”, it means to go upward using your feet and hands.  It’s amazing a mountain climber has to use all of his resources to climb a mountain.  He uses his feet, his hands and even his sight.  So why do we think we only need knowledge to reach our goals!! If we are climbing to achieve goals in our life, shouldn’t we use all our resources to reach those goals?  Yes it takes intelligence but it also takes other resources. To climb the mountain of your dreams, it will take courage, relationships, wisdom, faith, hope, confidence, optimism, endurance, passion and many other things.  John Maxwell has a book entitled “Talent is Never Enough” and the title alone is so true.  He discusses how a person can have great talent but still not achieving his goals.  He explains how it takes things like being on time and a good attitude.  If you are a reader, this is a good book to add to your library.  I always thought if I had enough money I could start a business and be successful.  Well I have learned it takes more than money.  Matter of fact, money is the least of what it takes.  You have to have a vision accompanied by the drive to go after the vision and the endurance to complete the vision.  You have to have the courage to believe in your own opinion when others disagree.

 If there is something you want to go after, don’t think you aren’t smart enough or you don’t have enough money.  It will take more than that to be successful in what you are pursuing.  Instead, use the resources you do have!!  Use your creativity, your relationships, your ability to learn and your ability to sell.  I know you are wondering where “sell” came from.  But yes, your ability to sell!!  You have to be able to sell your idea to yourself before you can sell it to anyone else.  If you aren’t convinced, you won’t be able to convince anyone else.  So you are a salesperson!!  Use your resources just like climbers do knowing that it take more than just one thing.  By doing this, you will climb your mountain of dreams one crack and foot hole at a time all the way to the top.

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